2017 Ford F-150 Review @ford

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Somehow it seems that I ended up having a few friends that all decided to get the same truck and don’t even know each other. Ironically they all bought black, platinum edition trucks and decided to do lift their vehicles and do some personal customizations. After I saw this coincidence, I decided that I should test them all out to see what all the hype was about.

You could imagine that the interior of each one of these Fords was pretty similar and you would be correct. These fully loaded trucks were covered in buttons, screens, and lights that would make anyone excited bout all the new equipment as you enter what looks like a fighter jet cockpit. My theory behind all of this is like my theory with all the extra features on smartphones, will you really use all of the extra technology in the car, probably not. At the end of the day, there are just more little things that can go wrong in the car at the end of the day.


Don’t get me wrong though, this is one beautiful interior. With a lift on all of the F-150s, it feels like you’re on top of the world as you pilot this truck with the panoramic sunroof and large cabin. With any lift kit, new wheels, and tires come with the consequence of compromising ride comfort but it’s totally worth it for the look that you’re going to get from the new F-150. It also happens that I live in Dallas, TX where a lifted truck is what everyone and their mother wants to drive around in at one point in their lives. Once you get one though you either fall in love or never do it again like an exhaust, which all of these trucks also had. I give Ford a lot of credit though, you couldn’t really hear the exhaust inside of the cabin.

The EcoBoost engine certainly did its job on the highway and while I was testing one of the lifted trucks in off-road. I could hear the turbo spool as I put my foot to the floor on the highway with no delay. I was in a lifted full-size F-150 that was taking off like a little Ford Focus ST. It was actually quite shocking as I took off around cars; to be honest, it had me laughing from how easy it was for the Ford pickup its own weight and take off.



This is one beautiful looking truck that has plenty of options for you to play with including an updated infotainment system that gives you access to the entire car. The technology goes so much further with a trailer backup assist program, another screen in the dash displaying just about any information you’ll ever need for using the vehicle. There’s speaker surrounding the entire cabin turning what some see as a work truck into a luxury escape with massaging leather seats that certainly help the lifted ride.

I can really appreciate the new F-150’s much more than some of the past models from just overall design with the menacing front end and sharp lights giving this truck a futuristic look. This is why companies like Chevy are having such a hard time selling trucks right now. While driving around the DFW area I started to notice I run into more new F-150s than any other truck on the market which is quite astounding. This large population of this vehicle should definitely say something for Ford about the want for their vehicle.


After my test, I can conclude that this is one vehicle that I would go purchase for actual work, just for fun, and for the looks of this beautiful truck. It’s been proven year after year that Ford continues to be ahead of it’s the times when it comes to their trucks. I know it’s on my list of next choices when it comes to a vehicle since the most recent update; the F-150 is a truck to take a look at while you’re shopping around. I’m going to look into the new F-250 soon enough as I am quite excited to see how bigger could be even better.

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Written by: Mr. Vance I. Paynter


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