2014 Cadillac Escalade Review @Cadillac

Sometimes you just a big body. Whether it’s playing soccer mom for need a covered pickup truck that extends into the body, a big body can get in done. Luckily Cadillac makes on of the biggest bodies on the market that doesn’t only work ready but full of luxury.

Today I bring to you all the 2014 Cadillac Escalade ESV. Now, this isn’t any normal Escalade; the ESV is the extended body Escalade giving you much more room in the back. I hopped up in the comfortable driver seat and took a look around the interior of the vehicle and you can definitely see the vast size of the vehicle. When you look back, it’ll look like the Escalade just keeps on going!


There’s plenty of buttons and features that come with this vehicle too. You have everything that you could possibly dream of and beyond when it comes to the modern day features of a vehicle. This Escalade came fully loaded with two rear seat TVs with wireless headphones, a backup camera, touch screen navigation, all automatic windows, dual zone climate control, heated, and cooling seats, a heated steering wheel and several other features that will suit your expectations. Your passengers, like several kids, will stay entertained, quiet and comfortable while you enjoy a cushy interior with a sound system that will rival any custom set up.

As any Cadillac should be, I found the ride to be like driving a cloud the size of a boat. Matter of fact I have heard a lot of people recognize the Escalade ESV for being a boat or a bus considering all of the little children inside sometimes. This is a large vehicle and she’ll remind you when you put your floor to the ground that there’s a lot of weight to be moved. Even with a 6.2L 400 HP V8, there’s no shortage of power, but just a little excess of size for this engine. She can pick up her own weight and get moving but don’t expect to accelerate quickly around some slow driver that’s making you late. Still, you’ll have a quiet ride as the Escalade blocks out the rest of the world besides the occasional engine noise if you decide to put your foot to the floor.


This is one car that exemplifies class and luxury especially in Dallas, TX where just about every family has some sort of SUV to carry the kids around in. You know that when you pull up to a kid’s event in an Escalade you’re most likely going to get looks from some of the other parents since this SUV is one of the top ranks in its class in just about every category. With the large wheels and futuristic lighting, this vehicle was ahead of its time and will withstand the test of time as she continues to age.

While I was growing up, my Father even made his way up to an Escalade so that he could, “keep up with the Jones'” while driving us around and also going to work. An older model of this bus is what I learned to drive in and she taught me a lot. This is one vehicle that has always impressed me with the amount of comfort and styling that they pack into such a beast. I know when I can afford it, this will be one vehicle that’ll be on my list kids or not.


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Written by: Mr. Vance I. Paynter


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