1981 Mercedes 380 SLC Review (1 of 1500!!)

Today I bring you an official WVY Auto Group vehicle that fits so well with our car culture. You see when it comes to cars you have to take so much into consideration that sometimes you get lost in the numbers and not the car that’s sitting right in front of you. You have to take the time to really appreciate the beauty in a vehicle as a piece of art and history.

I was lucky enough to get my hands on a 1981 Mercedes 380 SLC that was loved and cared by basically one owner for her whole life. She was originally bought by this owner’s boss who had it for 9 months and decided she couldn’t afford her anymore because of some complications. He took the car off his boss’ hands right away and it hasn’t left his possession since.

This Lapis Blue Mercedes was a beautiful sight that was beheld to us as we peeled back the cover to the classic coupe. Because she’s a classic there are a couple of issues with her but she started right up without a jump or anything. We didn’t get a chance to take out the 380 SLC like we usually do because the fuel line and the AC line need a little work so we didn’t want to test it. So we gave her a couple revs and she sang like the bird she was back in 1981.

Those beautiful lines combined with the pretty color really catch the eye as a great collector vehicle. The protruding fenders and the built in phone bring you back in time to a feeling that you can’t get many other places but in an 80’s car. The feeling of soft suspension and the loud engine that doesn’t meet any of today’s EPA standards. That doesn’t matter though, this Mercedes is only 1 of 1500 and in great condition for her age.

If you are interested in purchasing this classic beauty, please get in contact with us at WVY Auto Group for more information. We have this 1981 Mercedes 380 SLC and other unique vehicles at our disposal. Here at WVY Auto Group we sell, shop, and service your automobiles while you stay busy with work and everyday life. You can even call us for an inspection!

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Written by: Mr. Vance I. Paynter


Brought to you by WVY Auto Group



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