2016 Volkswagen Jetta

As some of you may know from reading my previous articles, I use to work at a Volkswagen dealership before starting WVY Auto Group. So I have an odd taking to Volkswagens that makes me appreciate them more than the average consumer. So today we are going to talk about one of the most popular and appealing cars that they have.

I have to opportunity to test out every fit and form that you can possibly get the Jetta in. From the completely base package model to the fully loaded big engine GLI, I’ve had the opportunity to fully take in the vehicle. You can tell that there’s a huge difference when it comes to the level of the Jetta. Once you go beyond the basic package, you are going to end up with a worthwhile car that will last for a long time. If taken care of properly this can even be a vehicle that you come out with positive equity which will give you a great set up for your next vehicle.

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In most models, you’ll receive a fully compatible media system that will allow you to hook up your phone via Android Auto, Apple Car Play, Bluetooth, or the good old aux cable. The Volkswagen Jetta gives you the options for all of you favorite comfort features like heated seats, keyless entry into the vehicle, push to start, and much more. There are other quirky features that only the German Volkswagen can give you like adjustable velcro trunk fencing, a TSI turbo engine, and most importantly, grat quality which gives you great sound deadening. I know I talk about this when it comes to a smaller vehicle, but it’s something that you can pay attention to and understand if a brand has quality or not.

While driving around in the Jetta you might feel the size a little especially for someone my size who has a limb that extends out to reach to hit the vehicle somewhere while I sit still. That aside, the Jetta still has a fantastic ride as long as you stay away from the 1.4 they are trying to push on everyone. Don’t get me wrong, the engine will support the vehicle, but you will surely be disappointed with what you get even for the MPG. At the end of the day this os a great car to get you to and work and help you out with whatever else you need to get done when it comes to daily activities.


With premium quality at a moderate price, this is a great vehicle to take a look at while shopping around for your next car. One thing that I would always take into consideration when purchasing a Volkswagen is repair costs. Luckily, you can get away with these costs when it comes to the Jetta since she won;t have many issues and the repairs are cheap. This is a great option for a first vehicle for any of you shopping around and aren’t sure what you should purchase.


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Written by: Mr. Vance I. Paynter


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