Investing in rare vehicles (cars & trucks)

Today I want to talk about another passion of mine that relates to the car industry if you can properly do it. This passion is investing; I know that when you think about buying a car or truck, you are most likely thinking that this purchase will go down in value over the years. In most cases, you would be correct, but I am going to explain how buying the right vehicle can put you in a situation to come out positive in the end.

The average vehicle goes don in value the minute you drive it off of the lot because it becomes another used car like so many of the same vehicle that might be out there. You’ll be paying for something that won’t do anything but cost you more money. Don’t get me wrong, cars are for more than financial gain or a tool to get you back and forth to your daily activities. You buy cars for pleasure and for history. I know the good old feeling that a certain vehicle can give you of a moment in your life. There are cars that also make you want to achieve a certain paycheck so that you may be able to afford said vehicle.


But there’s another way to look at purchasing a vehicle that most wouldn’t even consider. What if you could buy something that you know is going to be worth so much more in 20 years time because everyone still wants it. Well picking out the right vehicle now can set you up for a positive sell at the right time. I’m going to give you two examples of what I call “vehicle investing” to go into further detail.

My first example is when you decided to buy a new vehicle. This is a much riskier gamble and may not pay off for quite some time but there are some short term examples like the GT-R and the Aston Martin One 77 that have both gone up in value very quickly in their short time of production. You have to pick out a car that can not only stand the test of time but will also but coveted by future generations. For example, the last of the V8 Mustangs are currently out in the world and I believe that these are going to be seen as the last great Mustang in 40 to 50 years. There are cars that you know look fantastic, are unique and might even be the staple of an event or time period. These vehicles can possibly be priceless one day.


The other way that you can invest in vehicles and hold on to them to eventually sell is used. There are cars that become more and more valuable over the years as other ones disappear and others are restored and put back on the market in near new condition. Once on the market, there’s always an opportunity for the car to increase in value depending on how rare the car turns out to be, the make and model of the vehicle(popularity), and even how many original parts the vehicle still consists of.

There are so many little details and gambles that come into play when it comes to investing into cars to create a profit. All I can really explain is that you must choose the correct vehicle in order to make any sort of monetary increase. To get more information on what I’ve written about feel free to contact us at WVY Auto Group. We’ll be glad to help out in any way that we can with your automotive needs.




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Written by: Mr. Vance I. Paynter


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