2012 Ford Fusion Review @Ford

Now that the company is official online with the website up, it’s time to get back to business with giving you all the most car content and information from the underground to the mainstream. Today we are going to discuss another mid-sized sedan that I have been quite impressed with considering it’s a Ford. Now I have absolutely no problem when it comes to Ford, I just know that when it comes to their past in the sedan market, Ford isn’t exactly the brand that most people would be throwing into the mix but should it?


Well to find out I had a long term experience with a Ford Fusion and can come to a pretty clear conclusion on the vehicle. I give Ford some major credit when it comes to their 2012 Ford Fusion; heck, this is the first version of the Fusion so they had a great fresh platform to construct a well-made vehicle. In the Past Ford has given us some ugly looking 4-door cars like the Taurus, the 2000s Focus, the Ford Five Hundred, and plenty of others that I don’t need to mention. Luckily, Ford has gotten their act together when it comes to the sedan game giving us a well designed Ford Fusion that you can appreciate the look of. Not every version of the Fusion is a looker, but with the right package, this car can be something to be proud of while driving around….

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Written by: Mr. Vance I. Paynter


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